Kit with 1 Atex dosebadge and all accessories

Kit with 1 Atex dosebadge and all accessories

The dosebadge is the original wireless personal noise dosemeter and is the ideal instrument for personal noise exposure measurements.
With a rugged, durable metal case, no cables, controls or external microphone, the doseBadge is simple, reliable and easy to use. The badge has been Atex approved.

This kit exists of :
1 x CR110AIS Atex dosebadge
1 x RC110A Reader unit
1 x CK100 carrying case
1 x CU110A charger for up to 5 badges
1 x power supply
1 x mounting kit for dosebadge
1 x USB data cable
NoiseTools Software CDrom
Quick start guide
calibration certificates of badge and Reader

Applicable Standards: IEC 61252:1993
Measuring range dB(A): 70dB(A) - 130dB(A)
Measuring range dB(C): 120dB(C) - 140dB(C) Peak
Time Weightings: None or S (Slow)
Usb Connection: Yes
Software: NoiseTools