Outdoor kit  for Optimus  green

Outdoor kit for Optimus green

The outdoor noise kits are suitable for use with the optimus green sound level meters and provide you with a complete outdoor noise measurement solution for environmental and community noise monitoring.

The CK:670 outdoor noise kit has been designed to protect the sound level meter and the microphone capsule from the weather and other containments that may affect the measurements.

The robust, lockable case contains the sound level meter and a battery pack capable of powering the instrument for 7 days.

A further battery pack can be added quickly to extend the operation to 14 days and the batteries can be hot-swapped. Each battery pack contains an intelligent charging system to maximize the performance and maintain the operating life over a long period.

The case can be locked for security when measurements are being made and can be used to transport all of the parts of the system. The case also has space for the outdoor microphone, cable, an acoustic calibrator, documentation and other accessories that may be needed as well as for the sound level meter. The outdoor microphone mounts onto a standard tripod.

A suitable tripod can be supplied as an option if required. The windshield on the outdoor microphone has a protective coating which allows it to resist rain.