Advencedsense IAQ Plus

The AdvancedSense IAQ Plus Indoor Air Quality Survey & Monitoring kit includes 1 each: ·IQ-610 Probe (measures CO2, CO, ppb VOCs, %RH, temperature, dew point & add'l derived moisture rdgs, and has 1 spare gas sensor socket)
·AdvancedSense Handheld Display/Data-Logging Meter with color touch screen display, 4GB non-volatile memory (for data-logging and note retention) plus 2GB for program and video help files, built-in microphone & speaker, dual 8 pin Lemo sockets (for GrayWolf probes), 7 pin Lemo socket (for RH-AS2 or particulate sensors), dual K thermocouple temperature sockets, AC adapter, USB download cable. Additional socket for optional camera, download to external memory device or connection to alternative meters
·WolfSense AS application software
·WolfSense PC data download, analysis and graph generation software, on CD-ROM and 4GB USB key for installation on your PC
·SWS-AS3a 3 year subscription to WSAS and unlimited WSPC software upgrades
·PCC-AS01 AdvancedSense Pouch with belt strap and detachable neck strap
·PCC-05IQ Probe pouch with shoulder strap
·PCC-10A Hard-shell security case