Gas leak detection

Handheld leakdetector SE/RDZ-B1

Handheld leakdetector

RDZ is a digital handheld gas leakage detector, equipped with an external whip (for reaching the point in which the leakage is likely to happen) at whose end is mounted a gas...

LaserMethane mini Green-LMmG incl. 1 battery CO11246

LaserMethane mini Green-LMmG incl. 1 battery

- remote measurement and detection of methane - green laser ( extra visible under strong sunlight ) - detection up to 100 m ( with reflector) - standard kit includes : unit...

G300III Handheld leakdetector CH4 GF/1316009

G300III Handheld leakdetector CH4

The G300 III is a very compact and handy gas detector for leak detection of low and high gas concentrations. The instrument is ideal for finding leakages at e.g. pipelines, fittings, valves and...